About Us

About Us

Step into the World of Bieuvana (Products from D & B Company), where herbal-based beauty products come to life.

With a conscious desire to make healthy and gentle products for our customers,  Bieuvana is an independent store that combines creative thinking and great herbal solutions to bring you the best in natural beauty.

Our Story

Our journey begins with our founder's love for beauty products, their power, and how they can positively influence our feelings. With an urge to provide nothing but value to customers, Bieuvana came to life. A destination with unquestionable quality beauty products in nature's way.

Piecing together the different parts of the puzzle to create unique herbal products, we evolved our offerings from serums, waxes, and cleansers to face wash and more - the list is endless!

What Makes Us Different?

We work with small directional boutiques and small-scale suppliers built on simplicity and style. This is our USP; it's sustainable and adheres to the highest standards, allowing us to produce products that won't harm the environment and are gentle on customers' skin. Supporting small, valuable, quality-committed independent businesses is at the heart of Bieuvana.