Gold Serum

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The Golden touch! A traditional herbal serum, containing precious herbs and 24 Karat Gold and a combination of essential oils along with some fruit extracts.

­čî┐ reducing the early signs of ageing
­čî┐lightening skin pigmentation
­čî┐ Instant Glowing and Radiant skin
­čî┐Lightens skin complexion
­čî┐Revitalizes skin cells
­čî┐Deep moisturization & Nourishing
­čî┐Fades Ages spots and give a youthful look

Directions for use:
* Apply 1-2 drops of this serum on the face after clean face wash before bath.
* Gently massage the face until it gets absorbed completely
* For best results, apply and leave for 2 hrs in the morning before bath and your skin will thank you. Tip - The actual result may vary from the user due to differences in skin type.