Gudbye Dandruff Hair Oil - 3.38 oz

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Gudbye Dandruff Hair Oil

Our hair mask is formulated to fight and clear dandruff effectively using herbs. It soothes the scalp and leaves it well-moisturized and refreshed. 

* Clears the dandruff
* cures scalp-related problems.

Directions for use:

  • Gently warm the oil, take partitions, and apply deep in the scalp covering the entire hair area
  • Massage the scalp with your fingertips to ensure it reaches your scalp and all the hair strands. It is advised to apply thrice a week.
  • For best results, use along with Bieuvana Shikakai.


Herbal products are, in general, safe to apply. Individual experiences may vary. If you experience any allergic reactions, please stop applying the product immediately, wash it thoroughly, and seek immediate medical help. 

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