Saffron Gel

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A rich composition of saffron, Sandal and Multivitamins, this scientifically designed gel. Purely herbal massage gel made from real saffron and sandalwood extracts.

­čî┐ Anti Ageing
­čî┐keeps skin hydrated
­čî┐ Eliminates dark spots
­čî┐ removes dark circles, pigmenetation, blemishes
­čî┐Makes skin spotless and super smooth
­čî┐ Acts as a protective shield so that no harmful chemicals gets in contact with the skin.
­čî┐ Used as a primer which gives a natural glowing glow.

Directions for use:
*Apply on face & neck.
* Gently massage in a Circular Upward Direction Until It Gets Absorbed In The Skin Completely.